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What is a Weighted Blanket and How Does it Work?

How Does a Weighted Blanket Work? A weighted blanket is similar to a regular quilt or blanket, the primary difference is that a weighted blanket is designed to feel heavy and provide pressure to the…

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Weighted Blanket Filler Materials

All Weighted Blanket Fillers are Not Created Equal Manufacturers of weighted blankets use a variety of materials to provide the weight for their blankets. The type and quality of materials varies and may include items…

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Proper Weight in a Weighted Blanket

How Heavy Should my Weighted Blanket be? What’s the best weight for my weighted blanket? Actually, as of this writing, there have been no scientific studies done to determine either the most effective or the…

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Bringing families together


Our custom-made weighted blankets are perfect for helping to soothe an adult or child with autism or neuro-sensory issues. Let us help your family find some time to relax, sit, and breathe together. 


Every item is a labor of love

Red Barn Blankets offers a wide variety of weighted blankets in 15 different sizes and having hundreds of options for designs, colors, and materials. We will also gladly work with your physician, occupational therapist or other medical professionals to be certain you get the best product available.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"I absolutely LOVE my weighted blanket! It is so well made and looks fantastic! I also got great input from the shop owner! They answered all of my questions to help me determine the appropriate size and weight for my blanket. It arrived in perfect condition and was well packaged. So happy with my purchase! Highly recommended them!" 

"This blanket is awesome! I wish I could post a picture of how calm he is but I'll explain instead. My son has high functioning Autism and ADHD and he was having a meltdown a little while ago about some toy him and his brother were fighting over so we took it away to make things fair. I went and got this blanket and had him sit on the couch and play his 3DS (media is his happy place) and I draped the blanket over him and he's been calm ever since, it helped immediately! Amazing! :)"

"Perfect, perfect, perfect! Stitching was good and clean, it feels like a good solid quality blanket, and I love the pattern. The fact that you can customise the colors and patterns you want was a big deal for me. :] I will be recommending this business to other people."

"The blanket is incredibly well made, very soft, and very comfortable. It is much larger than expected, which is a wonderful surprise! We've had it only a few days, but it helps my son to quickly calm during bed time. As of now, it doesn't keep him asleep through the night as I was hoping (hoping for a miracle). But I am very happy with my purchase!"

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