Red Barn Blankets

Beautiful, weighted blankets custom made for individual needs.

One Blanket Can Change Everything

We offer more sizes than any competitor, giving you a blanket to suit your individual needs.


One-of-a-Kind Comfort

Made with high quality cotton, polyester polyfil, and individual squares for even weight distribution, making your blanket soft and ideal for cuddling.

Quality Blankets

Each quality cotton blanket is a custom hand-made order. We use smaller squares in our blankets for more evenly distributed weight.


We measure our blankets using pressure as opposed to weight so that the weighted effect is not diminished as you choose a larger blanket.

Optimal Health/Safety

Our blankets do not use organic or porous materials which can allow for mold and bacteria. Instead, we use virgin plastic pellets and synthetic polyfill to ensure a healthy environment for your child.

Customer Reviews

"Wonderful to have such a top quality blanket! Very, very well made, and stays perfectly on the top of my bed (no sliding off). I got this blanket for the sensory effects, but what I didn't anticipate was how beautiful it was going to be! Thank you Red Barn!"

"Perfect, perfect, perfect! Stitching was good and clean, it feels like a good solid quality blanket, and I love the pattern. The fact that you can customise the colors and patterns you want was a big deal for me. :] I will be recommending this business to other people."

"Beautiful blanket! Love the material and we look be cuddling up with this blanket. My daughter falls asleep so much faster and even take it in the car she has fallen asleep where it's almost impossible to get her to fall asleep!"

"This blanket is incredible! The craftsmanship and coziness exceeded my wildest expectations! The best part is that my sons teachers said it has been a game changer for him at rest time at school! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and functional blanket for my family! We will be back for more."

"I am so happy with my son's custom weighted blanket! Irlanda responded quickly to all my messages and found the Mickey Mouse fabric that I wanted. The craftsmanship is amazing and he loves to snuggle up with the soft minky side. I would definitely recommend Red Barn Blankets!"

"Received this beautiful sensory blanket today and it is beyond my expectations! Beautiful and very perfectly made. I am so happy with it. My daughter is in love with it. Excited to see how it helps her with her anxiety. Thank you for putting so much love and care into making this for her."

Care Information

We want your blanket in exceptional shape for lasting comfort.


Machine wash separately in warm or cold water in a front loading machine. (Top loading machines typically have agitators which can damage the fabric.)


Tumble dry on low/delicate cycle. If you have a large blanket, it may take several hours to dry thoroughly.

  • Do NOT iron.

  • Do NOT dry in a microwave oven.

  • Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.


Making life a little easier.

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