Published Research On Weighted Blankets

A listing of recently published scientific studies and research papers On The Benefits Of Using Weighted Blankets

Looking at some of the benefits of using weighted blankets and the new ways they are being utilized according to the newest scientific research from a variety of fields including neuroscience, psychiatry, pediatrics, and psychology. Areas of study include autism, ADHD, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, PTSD, pain management and social anxiety.

Brain Sciences, 11(10), 1361
Surman, C., & Walsh, D. M. (2021)
Six systematic prospective studies of sleep intervention in adults with ADHD were identified. Three of these, all including well-characterized ADHD patients, offered evidence for a significant effect of morning light therapy. Across the studies, preliminary evidence for melatonin, behavioral therapy, and weighted blankets were also found.
Journal Of Pediatric Nursing, 62, 30–35
Eull, D., Zachrison, B., & Nickel, A. (2022)
To explore the safety of weighted blanket use with children in the PACU as an intervention for ED, a feasibility study was conducted.
The American Journal Of Occupational Therapy Vol. 74,2 (2020)
Eron, K., Kohnert, L., Watters, A., Logan, C., Weisner-Rose, M., & Mehler, P. S.
To identify, evaluate, and synthesize the current literature to help develop the impetus needed to launch a research study into the effectiveness of using weighted blankets to decrease anxiety and insomnia
Clinical Journal Of Oncology Nursing, 24(4), 360–368
Vinson, J., Powers, J., & Mosesso, K. (2020)
This study assessed the effectiveness of a medical-grade therapeutic weighted blanket on anxiety in patients receiving their first and second chemotherapy infusions at an outpatient infusion center.
Journal Of Integrative Medicine, 19(2), 129–134
Becklund, A. L., Rapp-McCall, L., & Nudo, J.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate patients' anxiety symptoms before and after weighted blanket, compared to a group that did not use a weighted blanket to control anxiety.
Journal Of The American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 10783903211026740. Advance Online Publication
Dickson, D. A., Gantt, L., & Swanson, M. (2021)
The aim of this pilot study was to assess the effectiveness of the WB by determining whether it decreases anxiety and/or anger in adult emergency department patients with preexisting psychiatric diagnoses.
International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health, 18(24), 12959
Larsson, I., Aili, K., Nygren, J. M., Jarbin, H., & Svedberg, P. (2021)
The aim of this study was to explore parents' experiences of weighted blankets for children with ADHD and sleep problems, and the impact on their children's sleep.
The Journal Of Pain, 23(1), 156–174
Baumgartner, J. N., Quintana, D., Leija, L., Schuster, N. M., Bruno, K. A., Castellanos, J. P., & Case, L. K. (2022)
The current remote, double-blind, randomized controlled trial tested the hypothesis that wearing a heavy weighted blanket - providing widespread pressure to the body - relative to a light weighted blanket would reduce ratings of chronic pain
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