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Weighted Blanket Size Chart - Making It Easy To Buy The Correct Size Blanket

Finding The Best Size Weighted Blankets For Adults And Children

Blanket Size Chart

While there isn’t a formula for size and since one size works equally well as any other size weighted blanket, it really comes down to personal preference when selecting a certain size blanket. There are, however, some useful guidelines that you might consider when purchasing a weighted blanket. If there are any suggestions or tips you’d like to see added to this weighted blanket size chart, or if you have any questions that weren’t addressed please drop me a line and let me know.

Sizing Guidelines for Sleeping

  • Children 3 Years Old and Younger
    We recommend that you do not use a weighted blanket on children this young for safety reasons. If you have any questions always check with a medical professional first.
  • Young Teens and Children
    A weighted blanket should be roughly the size of the person using it. This is a matter of safety as you don’t want to get a blanket so large that a young child can get trapped underneath it, and it’s also a matter of convenience since a very large blanket can be difficult to move around the house or adjust during the night.
  • Older Teens and Adults
    The only real consideration is that the blanket should not overhang the edge of the mattress like a normal blanket or quilt might. If the blanket hangs over the edge of the quilt it will tend to pull itself off the bed and onto the floor during the night and trust me it’s a real pain to have to pull a 20-pound blanket off the floor when you’re half asleep at 3:00 am in the morning!

Special Note

If you have two people sleeping in the same bed, from experience I can tell you that while you can certainly buy a weighted blanket large enough for both of you, having two smaller blankets works much better. With one large blanket, you run into the issue of weight preference where one person might prefer something lighter or heavier than the other.

Sizing Guidelines for Travel

  • Office, Doctor, Dentist
    You are going to want to look for either a small, weighted blanket or a lap pad as a full-size blanket can be very inconvenient to carry to the car and into the doctor’s or dentist’s office. Also getting a small blanket makes it easier to launder if you are on an extended vacation.
  • Travelling by Air
    The same idea applies, less is better! TSA has no restrictions preventing you from bringing your weighted blanket aboard the plane, however, each airline has different regulations regarding the size of carry-on luggage, including weighted blankets. Here’s a link to the size restrictions of several US airlines. Airline Personal Items Size Restrictions
  • Hospital Stays
    Some extra tips for when you anticipate an extended hospital visit. You’ll ideally want a small blanket that has a duvet or cover which comes off easily and can be washed. Another alternative is to look for a weighted blanket made with fabric that can be wiped down and is water repellent.

    If you plan on having an MRI, and will want to use your blanket during the procedure, you’ll want to let the hospital know and obtain permission in advance. Most facilities will want to examine the blanket or get a specifications sheet to be certain that the blanket poses no danger wither to the patient of their machine. No weighted blankets filled with iron ball bearings!

Special Note

If you purchased your weighted blanket through Red Barn Blankets, we will be glad to send the hospital a small sample blanket along with a spec sheet, free of charge. Please make the request at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the MRI so the hospital can have time to inspect it and get back to you.

Contact me for more information.

The Sizing Chart

Since every vendor offers different-sized weighted blankets the best chart is one that shows the various standard sizes for mattresses, both in the US and the UK (they’re different). With this information, you should be able to find an ideal size for your blanket that won’t hang over the edge of the mattress you’ll be using. 

To see Red Barn Blankets sizes or to request a special custom-sized blanket to fit any mattress see our weighted blankets product page found here.


Mattress Name

Size inches

Size Centimeters



38 x 74

Approx. 96 x 188


Twin XL

38 x 80

Approx. 96 x 203


Full or Double

54 x 74

Approx. 137 x 188



60 x 80

Approx. 152 x 203



76 x 80

Approx. 193 x 203


California King

72 x 84

Approx. 183 x 213







Approx. 35 x 74

90 x 190


Small Double

Approx. 47 x 74

120 x 190



Approx. 53 x 74

135 x 190



Approx. 59 x 78

150 x 200


Super King

Approx. 70 x 78

180 x 200


Large Emperor

Approx. 83 x 83

213 x 213



Approx. 96 x 86

245 x 220

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